ACE Tours’ “ON THE FENCE: Klutho” Exhibition Closes Early Due to Rain

Let’s call it a qualified success! After an hour or so of exhibition time enjoyed by about 40 attendees, ACE Tours’ “On the Fence: Klutho” Open Air Pop-Up Gallery Exhibition packed it in in the face of a very light but persistent storm front.

The sprinkles began about 20 minutes after hanging the show. Fortunately, the group was prepared for that contingency and quickly covered the art with vinyl sheeting in the hopes that the precipitation was just one of those kinda-never-really-develops Florida showers.

ACE Tours Co-Founder Mark Creegan lifts the vinyl sheeting to check on Christopher Clark‘s “Pandemic Baby” before persistent light showers forced the shutdown of the “On the Fence: Klutho” exhibition in the historic Springfield park.

The protective efforts were effective, and also provided patrons with an even more organic and interactive gallery experience than they expected when viewers were encouraged to carefully and briefly view the art beneath the sheeting. In the end, though, meteorological fortune was not on the exhibit’s side, and it was packed up early to ensure the safety of the art.

Progress, though, is still progress. The weather challenge this week was much improved over last week’s total cancellation of the Wiley Park event. It also offered some valuable, live-fire lessons and sparked more than one great idea for coping with inclement weather.

Perhaps the best part of the show, though, was the attendees who pitched in and helped take the art down quickly and safely when the closing decision was made. ACE Tours extends a special thanks to them; Jacksonville sure has a way of bringing out the best in its art lovers.

So if you weren’t one of the lucky ones who were able to catch the show this week, make plans now to come out next Thursday for ON THE FENCE: Burnett in Jacksonville’s Mandarin area.

This project is made possible in part by funding from The JAX Arts Project, sponsored by the PNC Foundation in partnership with the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville, with special thanks to the City of Jacksonville Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services.

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